A prosperous wheel of entrepreneurship

Our vision is to create a prosperous wheel of entrepreneurship and our focus lies on Nordic entrepreneurial early-stage companies.

The many entrepreneurs who have built successful companies and subsequently become investors often want to contribute to the success of the next-generation entrepreneurs. Zenith Group recognises this, and has thus created a platform for leveraging the interest and engagement. Our extensive business network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors is offered the opportunity to actively engage in, create business opportunities for, and invest in the next-generation of entrepreneurs. With this unique ecosystem, we at Zenith Group as investors can offer more than just capital; we offer deeper skills and broader contact networks, enabling us as an owner to accelerate the portfolio companies’ growth journeys.

A young company with many years of experience from building companies

Tommy Jacobson and Sune Nilsson are the founders of Zenith Group. Tommy and Sune built and divested Trevise Bank in the 1990s, after which they started Quesada Asset Management in 2000, which later gave rise to the investment company Varenne AB as well as the parent company Quesada. Andreas has been CEO of Varenne since 2014 and is now also involved as Managing Partner in Zenith Group.

For the past few years, Varenne has successfully invested primarily in start-up and growth companies and real estate funds supported by its diversified and opportunistic investment strategy strongly linked to the extensive business network around the founders and the company.

As Varenne gradually shifted focus towards cash flow-positive growth companies from 2014 and onwards, new opportunities arose to build new investment products within the ecosystem. As such Zenith Venture Capital AB (2015) and Zenith Venture Capital II AB (2016), both focusing on earlier investment stages than Varenne, were founded.

The creation of Zenith Group was the next natural step in the development of this group of investment companies and involves three investment strategies under the same umbrella: Venture Capital, Growth and Real Estate.

In relation to the creation of Zenith Group, the three new funds were also listed separately at the regulated trading venue NDX. This means that Zenith Group’s three funds will be the first in Sweden to offer this type of access to unlisted companies in early stages for all types of investors. However, our focus is still on building valuable companies together with entrepreneurs.