Investment Vehicles

Zenith focuses on minority investments in unlisted Nordic entrepreneur-led companies within the three areas Venture Capital, Growth and Real Estate.

Every journey starts with an idea and the company subsequently develops through a series of phases. Our Venture Capital and Growth vehicles covers a large part of the company’s early development, from early start-up to aggressive growth. This enables a close business relationship between Zenith and the entrepreneurs during most of the companies’ early years and thus gives us the opportunity to build successful companies together.

Venture Capital

  • Industry focus: Entertainment Tech & Retail / Fin Tech
  • Stage: Early-stage
  • Geography focus: Nordics
  • Funds: Zenith VC I, Zenith VC II
  • Contact: Caroline Nylund


  • Industry focus: Not specified
  • Stage: Growth stage
  • Geography focus: Nordics
  • Funds: Zenith Growth I
  • Contact: Erik Lindblad

Real estate

  • Industry focus: Real estate
  • Stage: n.a.
  • Geography focus: Nordics
  • Funds: Zenith RE I
  • Contact: Erik Lindblad