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“Being an entrepreneur is like going to war every day”

21 maj 2018 | Venture Capital

Welcome to Zenith Group’s new website! Here you can read about who we are, what we do and what we have done previously within our network. As part of the launch of Zenith Group we have also been in the media. Please read the article below, which is published on svd.se. In the article we describe among other things how we work and what it takes for an investment to be successful.

FROM svd.se:

“Being an entrepreneur is like going to war every day”

Forming partnerships with entrepreneurs and actively contributing a comprehensive business network. This is the key to success for Zenith Group – a newly-started investment company operating on the Nordic market.

“The investment team and the business network which Zenith Group have started are well-established, with a history of successful investment. We have made a number of good investments and leave a legacy of a long list of successful entrepreneurs and companies which have given our investors an excellent return,” says Andreas Bladh, Executive Director at Varenne and Managing Partner at Zenith Group.

Investing in Zound Industries
An example of this is Zound Industries, which manufactures and markets headphones and loudspeakers under the brand names Marshall and Urbanears.
“When we invested in the company in 2010, its turnover was approx. 80 million SEK. With the help of strong entrepreneurship and active stewardship on our part the company has grown significantly, and today Zound has a turnover of approx. 1.5 billion SEK. We are immensely proud to be a part of this story,” says Tommy Jacobson, founder of Varenne and Partner at Zenith Group.

For an entrepreneur with a rapidly-growing company there is great value in finding an ownership partner who can participate, support and contribute to development. Andreas Bladh describes Zenith Group’s contribution in terms of three different dimensions – capital, contacts and expertise:

“We enter into partnership with the entrepreneur with the aim of assisting them with putting together a fantastic company. We have a comprehensive business network which makes it possible to offer growth capital, expertise and a network which opens doors and generates business.

For Zenith the principal of localness is key. This means that a focus is placed on investments in Scandinavia.

“We are convinced that there is value in meeting face-to-face. We work in close contact with the companies, with a high level of commitment and strong interpersonal relations. There is a value in always having a sounding board there when you need it. It is this continual dialogue which drives development,” adds Tommy Jacobson.

People are always more important than the business idea
According to Tommy it is people and not the perfect business plan which takes priority:
“We invest in people who have an ambition to build something big and who are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve this. Being an entrepreneur is like going to war every day. We help them to succeed.

Something which makes Zenith unique on the Swedish financial market is the possibility for all private investors to invest in unlisted growth companies – together with an active professional investor. Unlisted companies are normally a difficult to access class of asset.

“Zenith is the first company in Sweden with complete authority from FI to offer this type of capital product to all categories of investor. This feels all the more funny considering that we are experiencing great demand for this product,” concludes Andreas Bladh.
Zenith Group
Zenith Group invests in entrepreneurial companies with scalable business models in rapidly-growing industries with international scalability. We are always curious about new companies and their yet-to-be realized potential.

Read more at: www.zenithgroup.se

Image: Adrian Beck