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About us

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Zeniths vision is to become the obvious partner for entrepreneurs and investors. We believe this will be achieved by helping entrepreneurs to build fantastic companies and thus deliver attractive return to our investors.

Zenith Group recognizes a surge amongst successful and established entrepreneurs to support the new generation of founders, and has thus created a platform for leveraging this. Our extensive business network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors is offered the opportunity to actively engage in, create business opportunities for, and invest in the next-generation of entrepreneurs. With this unique ecosystem, we at Zenith Group can offer more than just capital; we offer deeper skills and broader contact networks, enabling us as an owner to accelerate the portfolio companies’ growth journeys.

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We focus on unlisted Swedish technology companies with scalable business models in high potential markets & industries, led by strong entrepreneurs.

Venture Capital

  • Investment focus: Early stage investments in tech-driven businesses
  • Stage: Early-stage
  • Geography focus: Sweden (Nordics)
  • Contact: Caroline Nylund

Zenith focuses on minority investments in unlisted Swedish technology companies with scalable business models in high potential markets & industries, led by strong entrepreneurs.

Our Venture Capital covers a large part of the company’s early development, from start-up to aggressive growth. This enables a close business relationship between Zenith and the entrepreneurs during most of the companies’ early years which gives us the opportunity to build successful companies together

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Our history

Zenith Group was founded by Tommy Jacobson and Sune Nilsson in 2018. The story goes back to the 90s when the duo founded Trevise Bank, which was later divested. A few years later, in 2000, the duo started Quesada Asset Management which soon gave rise to the investment company Varenne AB, which became the group’s parent company.

Varennes’ first investment was Unibet, which generated 11x the money and 46% annual return. Since then, Varenne has successfully invested mainly in start-up companies and growth companies as well as real estate funds based on its diversified and opportunistic investment strategy.

In order to further exploit the opportunities in start-up companies, Zenith Venture Capital AB was founded in late 2015 focusing only on early stage companies.

The formation of Zenith Group became the next natural step in the development to clarify the offer to the market and to create an efficient organization. Zenith Group focuses on investments in start-up companies and growth companies.

Zenith’s funds are listed on the regulated trading site NDX and Zenith Group is thus the first in Sweden to offer access to unlisted companies at early stages for all types of investors.

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